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Corporate Social Responsibility

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As an organisation Buccleuch is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate responsibility whether this is towards the communities within which we operate, our staff, partners and suppliers who work with us, or the planet which we strive to sustain and protect.

At a practical level this can best be described by;

  • Efficient management of our existing buildings – through reducing carbon usage, providing an efficient and pleasant environment in which to work and minimising obsolescence.
  • Developing sustainable buildings, both old and new – embracing the best of green technology, high quality design and efficiency of build.
  • Working with communities and key stakeholders – involving pro-active engagement and a partnership approach.
  • Our relationship with people – the way in which we nurture and encourage staff and our long term relationships with business partners and suppliers.

Whether this is delivered through our commitment to adhering to best BREEAM practice or a rigorous attitude towards Health & Safety, we recognise the importance and value all of these activities generate and see them as a fundamental part of our culture.