About us

Our Rural Heritage

The heart and soul of the Buccleuch business very much remains in the countryside through its interests in agriculture, forestry, tourism and energy.

The formation of Buccleuch Property in 2003 was a way of capitalising on the commercial opportunities within the four principal Estates, as well as investing in other areas to generate income and profits for future investment in the stewardship and preservation of the rural assets.

Today, the wider Estate is responsible for some 220,000 acres (the equivalent of 400 square miles of land), over 1,000 properties, 11,000 hectares of woodland and 200 tenanted farms, all of which is looked after by some 350 employees.

The four estates, located in some of the UK’s finest scenery comprise:

Given the location and scale of Buccleuch’s landownership, the business benefits from significant energy-generating capacity, whether from large coal deposits and their associated by-products under the ground or renewable opportunities above.

Now, as energy demands continue to grow and society’s impact on climate becomes a major concern, Buccleuch is developing a diverse range of traditional and new technologies – from biomass and solar to anaerobic digestion and a pumped storage hydro scheme.