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Seamab School

We are delighted to announce that our charity partner for the 2019 Buccleuch Property Challenge is Seamab School. Based in Rumbling Bridge, Kinross, this truly unique school is dedicated to transforming the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in Scotland.

Seamab specialises in looking after children aged five to 13 from all over Scotland who have experienced trauma, neglect, violence or loss and who, as a result, need additional support. They can currently accommodate 15 residential students and three day placements who usually stay for between two and four years depending on their needs. Seamab continues to support the children up to the age of 18. Here, they have access to teachers, carers and therapists who are able to attend to their individual needs. Each child has a nominated key worker and a bespoke plan, which they help to create themselves.

Joy has always lived here and Safe is warm and friendly. Free climbs the trees and Hope is never lost. Brave keeps a watchful eye over everyone while Calm has an influence that we all benefit from. And Hug… he’s always there when we need him.

Seamab is a place of opportunity, love and support for children who have previously been denied these things. This is only possible due to the dedication of the 80-strong team. We are pleased to offer a small amount of support to this worthy cause through our fundraising efforts and we would be thrilled with any contribution towards this.

How To Donate

We are aiming to raise £10,000 and would very much appreciate your support in this. You can do this in the following ways:

What your donation will do

All donations, whether big or small, make a huge difference to the children at Seamab. Here are a few examples of what your donation can pay for:

  • £6 buys a palette of paints to help the children be creative and express themselves.
  • £9 buys a new teddy for a child to hug to help them feel secure.
  • £24 can pay for a scooter to help a child improve their health and fitness by playing outdoors.
  • £50 takes a group of children on a special outing.
  • £100 buys a child a new bike to help them get outdoors and get fitter.
  • £150 helps buy specialist equipment for Seamab therapists — helping children with their movement and speech and language.
  • £250 pays for a year of swimming lessons to help a child learn to swim.
  • £500 helps Seamab create a beautiful bedroom for a new child.

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