The Challenge

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2012 Winners

Mixed Category

1st Place: Whiteburn “Two Phat Loons and a Gallus Bison”
John Shepherd, Andy Craig & Eve McCurrich

2nd Place: Buccleuch Property “Prime Buccleuch Beef”
David Peck, James Macleod & Emma Pattison

3rd Place: Burness LLP “Burnecessities”
Peter Chambers, Ben Brough & Gemma Watt

Single Category

1st Place: Cundall
Jim Allen, Thomas Neeson & Damien Dungworth

2nd Place:  Buccleuch Property “Buccleuch Properly Challenged”
Cameron Mackay, Dan Jones & Graham Sanders

3rd Place: Ryden “Starter, Waldorf and Meldrew”
Richard Lang, John Findlay & Gus Stewart