The Challenge

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2014 Winners

Mixed Category

1st Place: CKD Galbraith “CKD Game Yet Again”
Peter Scott-Aiton, Gavin Kerr & Katie Gibson

2nd Place: Rettie & Co “Sweaty Rettie”
Will Scarlett, Heather Russell & Andrew Cartmail

3rd Place: Knight Frank “The Dirty Knights”
Alasdair Steele, Elaine McCann & Sam Farquharson

Single Category

1st Place: The Northumberland Estates “The Percy Plodders”
Michael O’Driscoll, Brian Donaldson & Oliver Wickham

2nd Place: Rybka Limited “Are We Lost?”
Chris Thomson, Brian Donaldson & Andy Rennick

3rd Place: MSMR Architects “Two Glass Backs and a Dodgy Knee”
Lee Vincent, Mike Storey & David Baggaley